Time to piece together postseason awards

It’s awards week at the AFC South blog, and we can’t move forward without your valued input.

I intend to hit the basic categories:

  • MVP

  • Offensive player of the year

  • Defensive player of the year

  • Rookie of the year

  • Breakout player of the year

  • Assistant coach of the year

  • Executive of the year.

I invite suggestions for other categories.

But the biggest deal is the 2010 All-AFC South team. (Here’s last year’s.)

Here's my initial outline.

Some of the choices are beyond question in my eyes. So here’s the initial backbone of the squad I am putting together.

Help me out on the blanks, make your case for these slots and any of the major categories where you feel a less-than-obvious candidacy needs to be raised.

My feeling at this point is that we may leave a few spots blank. I don't want to drag down very high-level performers with mandatory fill-ins at particularly weak spots, and I believe there may be some.

We'll see if the scouts I solicit for some assistance agree and I'll take into account your offerings as well.

Stay tuned for posts on the key categories and the unveiling of the All-AFC South team later this week.