Cowboy KB appreciative of McGraw's gift

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Call him Cowboy KB.

Two years ago at the Country Music Awards, Keith Bulluck complimented Tim McGraw on his trademark hat and asked how he could get one.

Wednesday after an OTA session, Bulluck was proudly sporting the black cowboy had that arrived in the mail, a gift from the country music star to one of the Titans' defensive captains.

"He was sitting a few rows in front of me, I asked him where he got it," Bulluck said from under the hat. "He was like, 'I'll have one made for you.' It took a couple years, but I got it."

There is a three-line stamp of gold print inside the brim that reads: "MADE ESPECIALLY FOR KEITH BULLUCK BY TIM MCGRAW."

"Tim McGraw is a cool dude," Bulluck said. "I'm definitely going to wear it out one night on the town. Then I think it might be my interview hat for the year so Tim can see I'm putting it to good use."