Two Jaguars central in Cutler criticism

Jay Cutler's knee injury and subsequent departure from Sunday’s NFC Championship Game provided the latest example of the power of Twitter.

The critiques and questions about his status came not just from pundits and fans, but from peers.

Two of the outspoken players were Jacksonville Jaguars.

Kirk Morrison (@kirkmorrison55) tweeted:

  1. Kirk Morrison kirkmorrison55 Jay Cutler better go put some Tussin on that knee and get back out there. Tussin cures all. #Robitussin

  1. Kirk Morrison kirkmorrison55 If my knee was hurt or acl/mcl/pcl sprain, I would not be standing up on the sideline. #jaycutler

And Maurice Jones-Drew (@Jones_Drew32) said this:

  1. Maurice Jones-Drew Jones_Drew32 Hey I think the urban meyer rule is effect right now... When the going gets tough........QUIT..

  1. Maurice Jones-Drew Jones_Drew32 All I'm saying is that he can finish the game on a hurt knee... I played the whole season on one...

Actually, MJD, you didn’t play the whole season on it, you missed the last two games when your team collapsed. But that didn't really fit with what you were saying, so it was easy to leave out.

Jones-Drew’s second tweet was used in a question to Brian Urlacher, who gave a very passionate defense of Cutler and slammed the likes of Jones-Drew:

"It’s easy to talk [expletive] about someone when you’re sitting on your couch watching the game"

The always measured Kevin Seifert hit just the right notes in this piece. Fair or not it’s a defining day for Cutler. Jim Trotter’s column is also a must read.

Twitter has made it easier than ever to give a jump to judgment greater volume. But there is context that’s necessary before we get a verdict. The Bears would be wise to offer as much as possible as soon as possible.

My take:

  • We need to find out just how bad it was before we crush Cutler.

  • Just because Philip Rivers once played in the playoffs with a torn ACL doesn’t mean everyone can or should play through anything and everything.

  • Standing on the sideline in a parka is a much easier thing than dropping back, dodging a rush or absorbing a hit and stepping into throws. If he limped more, grimaced more, stayed in for a few more plays to make bad throws to prove just how bad it was, would that have made it more palatable?