Titans' last OTA: All fun and games

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Getaway day for the Titans amounted to fun and games.

The individual period featured players shifting positions: The running backs and tight ends worked as linebackers; the offensive line worked as defensive backs; the quarterbacks and wide receivers worked as defensive linemen; the linebackers worked as running backs; the defensive line worked as receivers; and the DBs worked as offensive linemen.

Next came "powerball." It's an ultimate Frisbee/soccer/basketball amalgamation invented and refined by strength and conditioning coach Steve Watterson that the Titans play for conditioning.

A garbage can sits at each 20-yard line, inside a circle as two teams try to score by getting the football in the can. Players can run with the ball, but can't be touched without turning it over. They can pass it to themselves or teammates, and for a basket to count all the players on the team have to be on the offensive side of the 50-yard line.

Rookie Jared Cook was a real presence in the game I watched, as was Cortland Finnegan. The defense won both games, in which each used two teams' worth of guys.

There was a rookie tug-of-war, with a relatively quick win for the offense.

And Jeff Fisher wrapped things up with an oldie but a goodie: linemen competing at catching wobbly punts thrown skyward by a machine.

Michael Roos, Leroy Harris and Fernando Velasco caught punts for the offense (which was 3 for 12), while only William Hayes and Larry Birdine succeeded for the defense, which had to run some as a result of the loss.

It was a regular football Olympics that had everybody laughing while anticipating the end of the team's official offseason program.

Now the Titans disperse until reporting for training camp July 30, though plenty of players will continue to work out at the facility when they can.