Mel Kiper redrafts 2005

Mel Kiper has redrafted the class of 2005.

It's an Insider pieceInsider, but I negotiated permission to share AFC South details. Hindsight is crystal clear, but boy did the division get some upgrades.

No. 6 -- Tennessee Titans

Took: Pacman Jones, corner and returner from West Virginia -- Despite flashes, an absolute disaster as he emerged as the poster boy for Roger Goodell’s personal conduct policy.

Redraft: Vincent Jackson, receiver, Northern Colorado -- The sort of big productive target the Titans may have finally found in Kenny Britt, five drafts later.

No. 16 -- Houston Texans

Took: Travis Johnson, defensive tackle, Florida State -- Never panned out into the stalwart the team expected from such an investment. Traded after four middling years.

Redraft: Michael Roos, left tackle, Eastern Washington -- Get to see technically sound tackle twice a year as Mario Williams tries to get through him to get to Titans’ quarterbacks.

No. 21 -- Jacksonville Jaguars

Took: Matt Jones, wide receiver, Arkansas -- Never turned into half the player they thought he would be as they passed on Roddy White and Jackson.

Redraft: Chris Kemoeatu, guard, Utah -- A strong guard who’s done solid work for the Steelers and could have really been a presence inside for the Jaguars.

No. 29 -- Indianapolis Colts

Took: Marlin Jackson, defensive back, Michigan -- A starter on a Super Bowl team, who faded pretty quickly because of serious injuries.

Redraft: Mike Williams, receiver, USC -- Has taken him a long time to become a factor, but as Kiper says, imagine if he was working with Peyton Manning from Day One.