Hits and misses: Reviewing NFL picks

Between now and the Super Bowl, I thought I’d revisit areas where I need to offer everyone’s favorite words -- “I was wrong” -- as well as the rare spots where I actually got stuff right before and during the 2010 season.

We’ll start with predictions for the league:

I was wrong:

  • I ranked Chicago 25th, Kansas City 28th and Tampa Bay 31st in my Power Rankings ballot heading into Week 1.

  • I had the Chargers, Dolphins, 49ers and Cowboys in the playoffs.

  • I had Detroit running back Jahvid Best and Seattle safety Earl Thomas as offensive and defensive rookies of the year. Neither will win. Likewise, Chris Johnson won’t be offensive player of the year.

I was fortunate:

  • In our preseason predictions, I had Green Bay winning the Super Bowl. Overall, I hit on four of eight division winners (not five as I originally wrote) and eight of 12 playoff teams.

  • I thought Cincinnati would stink, and enjoyed AFC North blogger James Walker’s attempt to rile up Bengals fans against me.