Mailbag: The best of what you wrote

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Robert Sutton from Bloomington, IN points to this blog entry from Stampede Blue and says my agreement with Tom Brady as all-decade quarterback was lazy.

Paul Kuharsky: Hard not to love what Brady has done, and I am allowed. It wasn't my team, by the way. I saw it and was allowed to chime in, but couldn't have changed anything. Part of my job is to express an opinion. I did. (I don't look to see how it happens to line up with the opinion of my colleagues or not, honest. No time.) Part of my job is to hear complaints about that opinion. I have.

I'm shocked, by the way, that you're writing from Indiana.

I'm shocked, also, that I didn't hear from you after this post supporting Manning as the all-decade MVP, which also went to Brady.

Mark from Carlstadt, NJ writes: Hey Paul, With Paul Williams suffering a groin injury, is he officially on his way out of Tennessee?

Paul Kuharsky: He was officially on his way out before that. But a groin injury that might have cost him two June practices isn't a big deal. And it only cost him one, he was out there messing around with the rest of the team Friday.

Chris from Houston writes in Thursday's busted chat: Hey paul, With the jags, I feel that they have a really good chance of rebounding from last season by looking at their past seasons of rebounding after bad years. To do this I think their D line will have to play much better. Do you see groves stepping up and henderson being as good as stroud?

Paul Kuharsky: John Henderson is a big issue and he has to be good for that defense to be good, I think. He's not been very good the last two years. Derrick Harvey has shown more signs than Quentin Groves, from what I have heard.

Matthew from Brooklyn, NY writes: Hi Paul, One tiny correction on the "All Decade Team" blog could be adding TEN to Lorenzo Neal's teams played for in the last decade on the "All Decade Team." As I'm sure you are well aware, he played for TEN in the 1999 season and was in on the Music City Miracle. By my count, that's within the last decade. Thanks

Paul Kuharsky: My superiors tell me the all-decade stuff started with the 2000 season, not the turn of the calendar.

Mums from Houston, TX writes: What do you make of Slaton changing his agent at this point in the pre-season and at this point in his contract? A lot about nothing, or strategy on his part?

Paul Kuharsky: Touched on it here, FYI.

At this point in the preseason? We're not in the preseason. This is the league's dead period. Seems to me the best possible time to make such a change without causing a stir.

I think it's a long-term strategy decision. Another big year and maybe you talk long-term deal in 2010. More likely the Texans would prefer to hold off until after the 2011 season to reward him. Of course all that is presuming a new labor agreement is reached.

Brian in Clarksville, Tennessee writes: Hey Paul, I wanted to comment on the all-decade offensive team. I really want to just say that do to the fact when someone picks these things, there are players who have great 7 years of play that won't get considered for anything like this due to the fact that their career straddled 2 decades. Someone like Eddie George who had 4 years in the 90s and 5 in the 2000s won't get any consideration for either decade, yet in his 9 years he was as good a RB as anyone. So I'll throw this out to you, any other great players on either offence or defence that might've been overrlooked due to the unfortunate circumstance of playing over two decades?

Paul Kuharsky: Of course you're right, it's a nice neat and clear demarcation, but arbitrary too.

Though Eddie George isn't a great example. Had he played the whole decade of the 1990s or the 2000s, he wouldn't be the running back on either all-decade team. Those are taken by Barry Sanders/Emmitt Smith and LaDainian Tomlinson.

David Falcocchia from parts unknown writes via facebook: What do you honestly think is going to happen to the leader of our defense after this season? We've seen firsthand how the Titans operate when it comes to seasoned veterans looking to earn a little more cash...Do you think Keith is on his way out? And if so, we didn't even address his position in the draft...I'm a little concerned.

Also, I think it's cool that a member of the ESPN family actually likes soccer...This Confed Cup has been both heartbreaking and exciting for me (I'm an Italian-American), but I really hope USA can pull the upset today and exact revenge on Brazil in the final.

Paul Kuharsky: Looking forward to the U.S.-Brazil game Sunday.

In Bulluck's favor: They've got no clear successor on the roster.

But if there is no cap, only a select few guys will qualify for free agency and he could hit the jackpot. The Titans have shown time and time again they won't break the bank out of sentiment, and they've priced the guys correctly far more often than not.

Bulluck's said he expect this to be his last year in Tennessee.

The franchise tag could also come into play. If there is no cap, the Titans will have two of them.

Phil Young in Raleigh, NC writes: happy anniversary paul... its been great killing productivity with ya!

Paul Kuharsky: Very kind of you, I appreciate the note. Killing your productivity suggests I've been productive, right? (He's referring to my recent one-year anniversary at ESPN. Please hold your boos until the end of the mailbag. Oh, this is the end of the mailbag. Proceed.)