Biz Week: Manning most powerful athlete

Peyton Manning is the most powerful athlete in sports, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.com's ranking of the 2011 Power 100.

The Colts’ quarterback overtook longtime No. 1 Tiger Wood’s, whose public image plummeted in the wake of details of extensive marital infidelity.

Joel Stonington writes that the rating amounts to a combination of athletic achievement and “the ability to connect with an audience on a deeper, more personal level that separates mere jocks from the stars.”

"Indeed, the everyman image often earns the highest ranking and the biggest earnings. That explains why the No. 1 spot on the 2011 Power 100 ranking went to Peyton Manning, the well-liked, hard-working Colts quarterback who appeared in two of the last four Super Bowls and led his team to victory in Super Bowl XLI."

Here’s Manning’s page in the slide show. Here’s a link to the index of all the related components of the story.

There are 27 NFL players on the list. Over a quarter of the most powerful athletes in sports on this index play in the league.

The AFC South has a strong presence: Arian Foster, the first non-quarterback, is 22nd. Chris Johnson is 29th, Andre Johnson is 63rd, Reggie Wayne is 71st, Matt Schaub is 90th and Maurice Jones-Drew is 92nd.

Manning only stands to get more powerful. The Colts recently made a new contract pitch that would top the deal of Ton Brady, who's fifth on this list.