Bang for buck over last five seasons

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Some good stuff here from Jason La Canfora.

He got a list of each team's actually salary and bonus expenditures over the last five years, then divided those numbers by wins in that time period to measure bang for buck. It's a somewhat random sampling period, but we work with what we've got here.

Here's how things stacked up in the AFC South:

2. Colts, 63 wins, $532.77M, $8.44M per win
7. Jaguars, 45 wins, $480.06M, $10.66M per win
13. Titans, 40 wins, $465.28M, $11.63M per win
27. Texans, 31 wins, $522.28M, $16.84M per win

I'm surprised by the Jaguars' high ranking and a bit surprised by the Titans' low one.

Jacksonville's failures with high-priced free agents and No. 1 draft picks cost Shack Harris his post in the front office and prompted a new fiscal strategy by his replacement, more powerful general manager Gene Smith. Clearly, a good share of that has been offset by production from players working at a far more reasonable rate. The Jags are sandwiched between the Giants and Eagles here, and it's more important to Jacksonville to maximize value -- New York and Philly can better endure costly errors. Props to the Jags for this ranking, which has to please owner Wayne Weaver.

Tennessee has been hurt by big contracts for minimal production from Vince Young, Pacman Jones and free-agent receiver David Givens, who quickly suffered a knee injury that ended his career with the Titans. Still, virtually everyone had high draft misses and bad injuries. I would have guessed Tennessee would be in the top 10. But this isn't bad considering it includes a five-win season and a four-win season as they endured a down cycle and rebuilt. (Still typical, isn't it, that they are looking up at the Ravens?)