Reading the coverage: Throw beyond the sticks

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

An interesting overtime proposal, discussed by Toni Monkovic. I think it's too outside the box to ever be implemented.

Bill Barnwell looks at how it's harder to connect on a throw at the first-down marker than it is to complete a pass a yard or two beyond it. All four AFC South teams make an appearance here.

Houston Texans

Connor Barwin needed surgeries as a youngster to regain his hearing, writes Megan Manfull.

Bart Enis talks to Antonio Smith in a video posted by the team Web site.

Chester Pitts is coming back from surgery on both elbows, writes Brooke Bentley of the team's Web site.

Alan Burge tracks rookie signings just in time to make it look like he inspired the update I've got coming in a bit.

Indianapolis Colts

Curtis Painter hopes he can stick with the Colts, writes Mike Carmin.

A look at the Colts at center, from John Oehser.

And Oehser's more specific look at Steve Justice.

Stampede Blue runs through the big battles coming up in camp.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags signed sixth-rounder Zach Miller, says Michel C. Wright.

Tennessee Titans

Jeff Fisher's getting ready to head overseas to visit the troops, writes Jim Wyatt.

Chris Johnson's included in some running back projections from footballoutsiders.com. Even in the minimum scenario, they have him averaging 5.23 yards per carry.

Kerry Collins says he's more in tune with his role now, says Terry McCormick.

Wyatt reminds us that a good offseason might translate into nothing for a guy come camp.