Bullet points: What happens with lockout

Here’s an entry we should keep as a handy reference. I am sure as a lockout draws nearer, I will be referring people back to it repeatedly.

Mike Sando hits 10 key bullet points about it in this piece.

The most interesting item it this one:

Players stand to lose millions quickly. According to the league, 74 players stand to earn more than $140 million in bonuses and other compensation this March. They wouldn't collect that money during a lockout. These players will feel the effects of a lockout long before fans feel the effects.

There is a large school of thought, to which I subscribe, that once players start losing paychecks in the fall if games are not played, the union will quickly crumble.

But one hope for an earlier resolution relies on guys who are not getting these bonus payments -- and would-be free agents seeing their chances at new ones frozen -- making a lot of noise and pushing for a solution.

If you want a resolution sooner rather than later, root for a lot of volume on that.