Vince Young disappears from LP Field

A Vince Young mural being taken down from the exterior of LP Field in Nashville, Tenn. Courtesy of @BudsDbleBirds

For anyone thinking there is still a chance for Vince Young to be a member of the Titans under a new head coach, here's what happened to his biggest presence in Nashville on Monday morning.

That was a giant picture of Young, next to the team’s Pro Shop on the East side of LP Field.

Quite frankly, with a pending coaching change and quarterback change, it’s the right time to bring down four primary banners at the stadium too.

Honor history, sure. The relatively new ring of honor does that.

But I think much of Nashville thinks that giant banners of Bud Adams, Bruce Matthews, Eddie George and Frank Wycheck (who I work with on the radio) are ancient history. They are literally and figuratively faded.

Call the exterior decorator. Show me the future. I nominate Chris Johnson, Kenny Britt, Jason Jones and the new coach.

And the Colts can jump on this advice as well.

Even if Bob Sanders takes a cheaper deal and is part of the 2011 Colts, he no longer qualifies as a face of the franchise. His banner on Lucas Oil Stadium’s time has come.