Reading the coverage: McNair edition

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

  • Steve McNair's mother says his murder was "the devil's work," according to Jim Wyatt. Also look for Jesse Jackson's statement on the right of this page. It includes this: "Our community, our nation and the National Football League are haunted once again by the easy access to guns. We must stop the easy flow of guns. We must stop the bullets before the bullets stop us."

  • David Climer on McNair's legacy: "From where I sit, McNair will be remembered as a very good NFL quarterback who courageously played through pain and injury, was involved in a number of charitable causes and good works, but whose human frailties and flaws are inextricably tied to his life story."

  • McNair thrived in pain and pressure, often at the same time, writes David Boclair.

  • Some big-shot NFL quarterbacks can learn a lot from McNair, says Pete Prisco.

  • McNair was one of the great class acts in the sport, says Mike Freeman.

  • McNair's leadership set him apart, says Clark Judge, who looks at McNair's 2006 performance in Baltimore.

  • McNair was like former Union general and United States President Ulysses S. Grant, writes KC Joyner.

  • Jay Glazer remembers Michael Strahan versus McNair in college.

  • A resilient McNair earned Nashville's love, writes Clay Travis.

  • Richard Justice says McNair was a pro's pro.

  • Remembering McNair as a Houston Oiler, from Alan Burge.

  • John Oehser remembers McNair's raw strength.

  • Wyatt tracks Keith Bulluck's tweet about McNair.

  • Pro-football-reference.com's McNair page with all his career numbers.