Pals Mudd and Washburn together in Philly

Howard Mudd’s retirement lasted a season.

A year ago, on the Tuesday before Super Bowl XLIV in South Florida last year he did his best to sound like he would not be a coach who couldn’t stay retired.

“I’ve watched other coaches, players. I’d like to walk away when I feel like I’ve got something left and still not have given everything I’ve got and they usher you out the door and say, ‘it’s about time you did something else.’ Maybe I beat them just by a year or two. Are there more things that I’d like to do? Sure.

“My wife [Shirley] and I talked. We’ve had a really good run, football’s been good to both of us. We can walk away from it knowing it’s been a good life. In Seattle we have all the grandchildren. I got good advice, someone said 'don’t do anything specific and let it come to me.'”

The Eagles announced today what’s coming now for Mudd is a term as their offensive line coach.

I’m certain a big part of the lure was Jim Washburn. Tennessee’s long-time defensive line coach who recently jumped to the Eagles, Washburn became dear friends with Mudd as their lines squared off twice a year. He raved about him in this piece about Mudd’s final game.

And you can find video of their African motorcycle adventure here.