Hits and misses: Texans edition

Building toward the conclusion of our series looking at situations where you can hear these three words you love so much from me…

I was wrong:

  • “Everyone is encouraged about the run game, but what’s changed? Second-round pick Ben Tate is lost with an injury. Guard Wade Smith was the only significant addition to the line, where interior issues were a big part of the problems. Offensive coordinator Rick Dennison is from the same school as predecessor Kyle Shanahan, and line coach John Benton learned under the departed Alex Gibbs… They are largely counting on young guys getting better, which begs the question: What if they don’t?” (Preseason.) Yeah, running it better wasn’t an issue as Arian Foster was a revelation and his blockers did solid work for him.

  • “I think it's too early to panic about the Texans' pass defense.” (Sept. 24.) Actually, there was no way to be too early. By Oct. 14 I realized the extent of the flawed plan.

I was fortunate:

  • “[Kareem] Jackson has to be good for the team to have a chance.” (Preseason.) He was nowhere near good enough.

  • “To finally get to the postseason, the Texans have to play more complete games.” (Preseason.) Poor starts created scenarios for some fantastic comebacks, but Houston consistently made it difficult on itself by playing flat early.