Clark fears hand-modeling career over

In North Texans, Colts tight end Dallas Clark said he got out of his cast a couple weeks ago and said his wrist is recovering well.

“It’s doing a lot better,” he said. “The scar -- I had this hand-modeling career all set up. Look at those knuckles. You would buy a watch from that. The scar looks worse than it is.

“It’s doing better. It’s a long, long process. I was in a cast for three months. Got out of that mid-January, now I’ve been rehabbing ever since. It’s doing great, it’s just taking time to get range of motion, strength and all that back to it.”

On radio row, Clark spoke with Jonathan Hutton of 104.5 The Zone in Nashville, the station for which I work.

Clark was a major loss for the Colts in a season filled with injury issues. But the Packers had a comparable list and won the NFC.

He said he was surprised at what Indianapolis was able to do considering the people who went down.

“It was tremendous,” he said. “Give all the credit to everyone that stayed healthy, all the coaches and all the players that stepped in for the injured players. Jacob Tamme did a phenomenal job stepping in for me, Blair White did a phenomenal job stepping in for Austin [Collie]. All those guys, with all the revolving door of starters from week to week, for those guys to go out there and not only play well but to win the games needed to make the playoffs, it was special.

“Obviously that’s not our goal, our goal is to win the whole thing. So it’ll be counted as a disappointing season. But you throw all that in there and to get as far as they did, it’s pretty impressive. Give a lot of credit to those players and those coaches.”