Mailbag: Too much Titans, but no VY

Jason from Murfreesboro, Tenn., writes: I was just wondering if you could say/write something to Titans fans who are discouraged at the prospect of Munchak becoming head coach. I don't know anyone who thinks he's the best fit for the job and we're all discouraged to think the front office would rather keep the same ole status quo that hasn’t' delivered a playoff win in seven years, than to try something/someone new from outside the organization. If he's such a great candidate why wasn't he mentioned for any of the other head coaching vacancies?

Paul Kuharsky: I can.

Is Jason Garrett the same as Wade Phillips in Dallas? Is Leslie Frazier the same as Brad Childress in Minnesota? Is Hue Jackson going to be the same as Tom Cable in Oakland?

Is Mike Munchak completely fresh blood? No. But is he a Jeff Fisher clone? Absolutely not. Is his long-time boss going to influence the way he works? Sure. Are there some Jeff Fisher traits Munchack probably wants to completely steer the opposite direction from? I’m sure there are.

Expanding the search is my preference. But Munchak will still qualify as something new. If Munchak gets the job, he might be great at it. We’ll have to wait and see, though I know that doesn’t suit most people’s desire to panic. And the Titans don’t, and shouldn’t, care if the guy they want has been coveted by the rest of the league. There are coveted guys who don’t work out. There are no names who are great.

I’ll let another reader chime in too:

Andy in Nashville writes: The Titans bright side: In 2007, the Arizona Cardinals had no coach and a castoff veteran QB who no one thought had much left in the tank. Ken Whisenhunt and Kurt Warner took them to the Super Bowl in 2008. After the 2005 season, the New Orleans Saints fired their head coach. They had neither a QB nor a stadium to play in. They hired Sean Payton, picked up Drew Brees, and won the Super Bowl in Feb. 2009. In 2007, the Atlanta Falcons had their QB sent to prison, and their coach left in the middle of the season for a college team. In 2010, they had the best record in the NFC. So, it's possible. The Titans dark side: The last decade in Detroit, Cleveland, and San Francisco. So, these next few months for the franchise are enormously important.

PK: Only trouble is, Warner and Brees, or anyone like them, are not available.

Craig Jackson from Culloden, W. Va., writes: Hey Paul was just wondering what do you think the Texans are gonna do with Steve Slaton?

PK: They’ll let him compete for a spot at the back of the rotation. His neck issue makes him a question for Texans and everyone else.

John Sullivan from Indianapolis writes: Any chance Peyton Manning would put pressure on Jim Irsay and Bill Polian to have Fisher replace Jim Caldwell. Fisher is a much better game day coach.

PK: Not happening. Even if the stuff on the Indy side was in play -- and I don’t believe for a second it would be -- Fisher is intent on sitting out a year.

Justin Propp from Houston writes: This is an angle on the CBA that I haven’t heard much discussion over, but considering that a lockout seems imminent, what happens to the chances of teams with new head coaches starting in a potentially huge(r) hole? I can’t help but think that coaches on the fence might be getting another year because a mediocre coach that knows the players is better than a new coach, whoever that might be, that maybe gets a chance to work with a team for only weeks prior to opening day.

PK: Absolutely, if there are missed OTAs, if free agency is after the draft and condensed, the good teams with stability have a better chance to stay good and the teams trying to get better will have a harder time with quick turnarounds.

Thanks for the mail. Before anyone sends a note complaining about the content of this entry, send a note with a question about your team. Cheers.