Survey says: Taylor struggled with Hart

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
When I visited with the Colts this spring, I asked rookie defensive tackle Terrance Taylor about the best running back he ever tried to tackle.

Here's what the former Michigan Wolverine said:

"I'd probably say Mike Hart in practice [at Michigan]," Taylor said. "Because one minute he's there, the next he's not. I never really got beat by a running back like that in a game. But being with Mike and going against him at practice, you've got him in your sights, he's there, and then he's out of there. A lot of running backs in the Big 10 are pretty big. Mike kind of goes away from that."

That's a good answer for the Colts since Hart is on their team. The sixth-round draft choice from 2008 missed the bulk of his rookie season with a knee injury. The team now expects him to be in the mix for a role as the third back behind Joseph Addai and Donald Brown. Chad Simpson and Lance Ball are the team's other running backs.

"We'll see," Colts president Bill Polian said. "[Hart's] got some unique talents. That's a position of strength for us. We'll sort that out in the preseason. Special teams, short yardage, goal line, there are a lot of roles."