Should Texans allow Matthews to leave?

John McClain reports it’s doubtful coach Gary Kubiak would stand in the way of Bruce Matthews and Mike Munchak working together considering their relationship.

Munchak, the Titans' new coach, said Tuesday morning on The Wake Up Zone in Nashville, that requests for permission will start to go out today.

Matthews just signed a two-year deal to continue as an assistant offensive line coach for Houston. The Texans are not obligated to allow him to talk to Tennessee, even though he’d be offensive line coach with the Titans.

Does he want to come? He’s settled in Houston with a big family and a football-playing son in the prime of his high school career that he wouldn’t want to displace. Another son, undrafted rookie Kevin, actually finished the 2010 season on the Titans' 53-man roster. As a player, Bruce Matthews hated being apart from his family when he sorted things out after his team relocated from Houston to Nashville. Is the pull of working with his best friend going to offset the time away from his family?

Before we find out the answers to those questions, Houston has to be asked for permission and grant it.

It would fit the Texans’ nice-guy MO to allow it. But is that the right thing? If the Titans' offensive line pushes the Texans around twice a year, will Houstonians have a legitimate complaint about the Texans helping allow it to happen?

Feel free to share your thoughts.

UPDATE (2:07 p.m.): Though it was reported Jan. 24 that Matthews had signed a new two-year deal, Jim Wyatt revealed today that Matthews never signed the contract. That means the Titans don't need permission. They have notified the Texans they will be talking to Matthews.