How Indy (XLVI) can top North Texas (XLV)

The game was a good one. North Texas will always have that.

But other memorable elements (which I observed from afar) of Super Bowl week in the region went solidly in the con column:

  • An inability to deal with bad weather.

  • Officials’ failures to comprehend that frozen water on a sloped stadium roof eventually gives into gravity.

  • Completely botched temporary seating that meant hundreds of ticket buyers were left without seats.

  • A mangled national anthem by Christina Aguilera.

Patrick Hruby uncovered this “internal document” addressing how things can be improved when Indianapolis hosts the game next season.

On a more serious note, Sally Jenkins discusses how Super-Bowl excess crossed the line for her this time.

Here’s why the Super Bowl week experience in Indianapolis stands to be an upgrade: cold won't be a surprise. The city isn’t consumed, as Texas typically is, with everything being big. Indy is small, and small and compact erases a lot of logistical issues. While the participating teams will surely be housed in hotels well outside the city, everything else will be bunched downtown.

Including the people who simultaneously understand frozen water, sloping roofs and gravity.