On Wayne Weaver's thoughts on CBA

Two things struck me from Tania Ganguli’s story about Wayne Weaver's talk with the Jacksonville media yesterday.

1) "He reiterated that, despite voting yes on the previous deal, he did not think it was sustainable."

Why didn’t he join the two other dissenters, then, and vote against it? Don’t tell me now how you knew it wasn’t sustainable then if you voted for it. Way to fall in line with the masses instead of being your own man.

2) "Specific to Jacksonville, Weaver talked about the need for upgrades in EverBank Field to make the stadium experience more valuable for fans, especially in premium seats that the Jaguars had trouble filling this season."

"'Every dollar of revenue we'll take in [for] our clubs costs a lot more than it did two years ago, five years ago, six years ago, 10 years ago," Weaver said. "We have to be able to fund these things. We change out the scoreboard -- scoreboard building may cost $25-30 million. ... There's a cost to put these games on, and the players have to understand that before we divide the pie, some of those costs have to be recognized.'"

The team did great selling tickets last year, with no games blacked out.

But when I am looking for someone to pay for you to improve the scoreboard at your stadium, I'm not thinking of it as an expense for your offensive line to share in, sorry. I can't see NFL fans buying into that thinking.

Yes, make the stadium experience as good as humanly possible, so people think being there is better than watching on TV.

But my sense of things in Jacksonville is that the more expensive tickets don’t sell because people can’t afford them. The solution isn’t necessarily to make premium seats more premium. Maybe it’s to make them more like all the other seats, particularly with regard to their price.