Counter-programming to Vick on Oprah

Michael Vick is going on Oprah.

I’m sure we’ll get a couple good moments out of the hour. But he’ll be coached quite a bit, and no matter how good an interviewer she is, I expect we’ll see him guarded.

The announcement of his appearance, however, had me reminiscing about Peyton Manning’s excellent appearance on Saturday Night Live and contemplating who from the AFC South I’d like to see on what.

I think we’d get pretty honest looks at these four if they were booked on these shows.

Jaguars’ receiver Mike Sims-Walker on "Millionaire Matchmaker:" He’s heading for free agency after making a $1.101 million base salary in his fourth season. I don’t know that he will make the sort of money he’d like going forward, but he qualifies. He tweets a lot about a less-than-satisfying dating life.

Colts punter Pat McAfee on "Last Comic Standing:" Dude is funny. His Twitter account is @PatMcAfeeShow and his little bio ends with “Follow me so we can make sweet sweet Twove.” I’m unsuccessfully scouring the Interwebs to find when he talked about doing stand-up. But if he didn’t, he should have.

Houston receiver David Anderson on "Conan:" The Texan is a big fan of the big redhead with the big hair. He’s celebrated touchdowns with O’Brien’s string dance. Anderson didn’t have the profile to make it on The Tonight Show, but now that Conan is backed by The Basic Cable Band, maybe a couple more TDs and dances could get him there?

Titans right tackle David Stewart on "Ted Nugent: Spirit of the Wild" (on The Outdoor Channel): Stewart is as quiet a guy as you’ll find in an AFC South locker room. Give him an opportunity to provide a one-word answer and he will provide one. But give him a chance to talk hunting, and apparently he opens way up. I’d watch.