Lockout links: Stuff you should read

We've fielded a lot of questions about the latest developments in the fight between owners and players.

Here's the best stuff I read last night and this morning:

  • This piece from David Cornwall pre-dates the ruling on the league’s TV lockout insurance but walks us thorough the implications of union decertification.

  • Breaking down the ruling against the lockout insurance TV deals.

  • It’s a leverage shift the players have been hoping for, says Andrew Brandt.

  • Brandt runs through the issues as the deadline nears.

  • What happens to the TV money is one of the next questions, says Don Banks.

  • It’s about mortgage payments, says Pete Prisco.

  • Owners would love to get away from Judge David Doty, says Clark Judge.

  • Patriots owner Bob Kraft had been condescending about the players even taking the lockout insurance issue to court, says Tom Curran.