Mailbag preview: An appetizer

Marcus Anthony Martinez writes via Facebook: Are the Texans showing any interest in Mike Sims-Walker.

Paul Kuharsky: They can't. All that's happened is the Jacksonville Jaguars told MSW they're going a different direction. His contract still needs to expire and a new collective bargaining agreement needs to be in place before he hits the market. He wasn't cut like Bob Sanders. He couldn't be cut. He's like all the guys who are awaiting free agency.

Mark Bellinger writes via Facebook: I just listened to an old Karl Mecklenberg interview. I thought it was interesting that he said he felt more comfortable taking chances at the line of scrimmage because he knew Dennis Smith and Steve Atwater were there to back him up at the safety position. Do you think it's possible the Titans linebackers may not be so confident and they're not as bad as we might think? Your opinion.

Paul Kuharsky: There are a load of guys in the division (and around the league, I'm sure) who suffered from poor supporting play in 2010. Jacksonville's corners, for example, are better than they looked. Poor safety play made them look worse.

But that's the case anywhere. Everyone relies on 10 other players doing their jobs. The primary culprits in the Tennessee Titans' poor linebacking play were the Titans' linebackers. To put a big share of that on Michael Griffin and Chris Hope is more than they deserve. Griffin and Hope are responsible for their own failures.

And you can flip it -- if the linebackers had a clue covering tight ends, the safeties would have looked better.

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