On a couple veteran WR options for Indy

Since this blog began, one of the most refreshing elements has been that Colts' fans don’t come running every time a veteran name surfaces asking, “Will we sign him?”

Because even most peripheral followers of the team know it rarely looks to outsiders for help.

But with the Colt indicating since the end of the season that they would like to be a touch more active in free agency, that lovely roped off area is being trampled.

And so we field regular e-mails wondering about the potential for marriages between the Colts and Free Agent X, of Free Agent To-Be Y.

It’s too early to know anything, of course, and while the Colts may have a list of guys they’d like at prices they can afford it’ll likely be some time before we learn any of it.

Wide receiver questions have been popular recently based on news of availability. So let’s take on the two names you’re throwing at me.

  1. Mike Sims-Walker: If he was anything close to the kind of receiver the Jaguars thought could be a play-maker for Peyton Manning, do we really think they’d have decided to allow him to walk? At his best, Sims-Walker was the best the Jaguars had. But he’s not the sort of highly-polished receiver the Colts covet and need. He was a No. 1 by default for the Jaguars, and I think to be more than a role play part of someone’s top three, he’ll have to be part of another thin position group.

  2. Plaxico Burress: He’s due out of jail this summer. Who thinks the low-key Colts would embrace the sort of circus that will follow a guy looking to return to prominence in the league after a jail term? Raise your hand. If your hand is raised, please explain yourself below.