Could UFL benefit from a lockout?

It’s been a popular question: Could the UFL benefit from an NFL lockout?

I’m not buying the idea that fans of the very well-run, very high-quality NFL would change the channel. But then I never believed anyone would buy a ticket to watch replacement games.

Greg Garber takes a thorough look at the UFL in this piece, asking the key question:

The UFL has shrewdly moved up its games one month, to the weekend of Aug. 7. Which begs the question:

Could an NFL lockout save this thing? Would a protracted struggle over that league's $9 billion in revenue open a window?

"It's not part of the strategy," [commissioned Michael] Huyghue insisted. "... You can't plan on it, but you can position yourself.

"If this happens, if people turn off to the billionaires-versus-millionaires argument, that creates an opportunity for a league like ours. It could benefit us incredibly."

My prediction: Things would get better Huyghue's league, but remain bad.