Second- and third-round picks

The league's official three-round draft order is not out.

A trade with a previously unknown conditional element could throw a wrinkle into the overall order in the second and third rounds.

But all four AFC South teams have confirmed where their draft spots are in rounds two and three.

Later rounds will be affected by compensatory picks announced late this month. They start at the end of the third round.

Why don't teams draft at the same spot in every round? Because teams that tied with the same record are sorted out by tiebreakers. They then have a rolling order with their group, round by round.

So here are the top three picks, overall, for AFC South teams.

  • Tennessee -- eighth, 39th, 77th.

  • Houston -- 11th, 42nd, 73rd.

  • Jacksonville -- 16th, 49th, 80th.

  • Indianapolis -- 22nd, 53rd, 87th.