Babin talking about multiple alternatives

Jason Babin's already antsy.

In this Jim Wyatt story, the Titans defensive end hits on enough lockout alternative ideas for four guys. He will be a free agent when the NFL resumes normal operations.

Since Babin doesn’t know when that time will arrive, he’s planning to train to see if he can participate in MMA, scheduling a bear hunt and even talking of considering the CFL or UFL.

As for those football options, he said:

“I know those leagues would love to grow their awareness and if they got a certain amount of high-profile guys to join in, the money would go from the NFL pool to the CFL or UFL pool and maybe they could negotiate a TV deal. Now that would scare the [stuffing] out of the NFL owners if they could pull something like that off, you know?

“So the NFL owners are fighting two fights. They are fighting a lockout fight, and they could be fighting the rise of the other leagues. They make themselves vulnerable the longer this lockout goes on.’’

It would take a slew of Babin's NFL mates considering a similar venture for the scales to tip even a bit in the favor of the CFL or UFL here. And we're talking about NFL free agents. Those who have an NFL contract right now couldn’t jump so easily without being bound to return.

I just don't see it happening.

That last part from Babin was spoken like a true alternate union rep -- one who’d surely love other players to echo it.