Melding draft needs and numbers

Mess with the numbers from Todd McShay’s new value boards (offensive and defensive Insider files) and the unscientific snapshot I took of the first three rounds and it looks like the Titans could have the best chance of our teams of filling needs in the draft.

I took McShay’s files, which divide the players available into his perceived value of them, round-by-round, and looked at each AFC South team’s four biggest positions of need.

Let’s use defensive tackle as an example, since I rate the Colts, Texans and Titans as all having need as the position.

McShay says there are four first-round defensive tackles, one second-round defensive tackle and three third-round defensive tackles. So that counts as eight chances for each of those three teams to score a defensive tackle in the first three rounds. The numbers range from giant (12 defensive ends and cornerbacks) to tiny (four safeties).

So matching McShay’s values with my lists of team needs, I’ve got the Titans with 19 players worth first-round picks who would fill a need in the first round, five in the second and nine in the third for a total of 34 -- the most of our four teams.

Keep in mind we run into the 4-3 vs. 3-4 issue now with Houston making the switch to a 3-4. Some of McShay’s defensive ends could be outside linebackers for the Texans, but we stick with his categorizations here.

Also, McShay sees 30 players worthy of first-round selection, 25 worthy of second-round selection and 38 worthy of third-round selection.

Did I mention this is unscientific?

AFC South draft choices by position