Gabbert's personality seems right for job

I don’t believe there is any way Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert remains available when the quarterback-needy Titans go on the clock at No. 8. I do believe, increasingly, that if he was he might be too hard to pass up.

Liz Merrill offers great insight into Gabbert in this feature. I found these three pieces telling:

  • He is the anti-Cam Newton, with no known father scandals and no "entertainer and icon" quotes uttered to magazine writers. His answers are short and carefully thought out. His Twitter account is littered with not-so-revealing tweets about grilling out, working out and hanging out at fishing ponds.

  • He's not revealing, and isn't afraid to admit it. People close to Gabbert say it's probably a product of being in the spotlight for years, of being the blue-chip prospect in high school and spending his teenage years with microphones crammed in his face. Maybe his idyllic childhood in suburban St. Louis doesn't make for great copy. Gabbert doesn't care.

  • Because he has prepared for this moment since middle school, Gabbert has thought a lot about what it takes to be a quarterback. It takes poise and restraint and some occasional bland answers. It's not about being an entertainer, he says. "You're the face of the football team," Gabbert said, "and it doesn't matter if it's fifth-grade football or Division I college football or in the National Football League. You have to carry yourself differently than the other players because you are responsible for them."

Never mind press or hype. He seems willing to deal with the spotlight element of the job without being consumed by it, a quality I’d like in my quarterback if I was searching for one.