Oklahoma is the place for me

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- I've been hearing about the Jaguars' Oklahoma drill for some time. Wednesday night I'll watch it from a front row vantage point.

The old school drill is a fan favorite, and here it's the brain child of jaguars.com senior editor Vic Ketchman who has Jack Del Rio's ear on the matter. Ketchman proposes some of the pairings that Del Rio ultimately puts together.

Boiled down, here's my understanding of how it works:

Three players are in a relatively tight square or rectangle of space -- an offensive lineman, a running back and a defensive linemen. The offensive lineman tries to block the defensive lineman to create space for the back to get past. The defensive lineman tries to shed the block and tackle the back.

Sounds like good, clean, one-on-one fun. But one crusty media veteran (no, not Vito Stellino) says it's "old school but overrated."

I look forward to providing some details and my own take on it after the practice that starts 7 p.m. ET is over. Check for tweets/status updates in the meantime.