Who's most popular in the division?

Maurice Jones-Drew's got a new deal to host “Late Hits with MJD” Tuesdays from 8-10 p.m ET on Sirius XM Radio, starting tonight.

It comes after he had a fantasy football show last season and got me wondering, does the addition to his profile on the heels of two consecutive Pro Bowl elections help make him the second-most popular player in the AFC South behind Peyton Manning?

I’ve been looking for a reason to use our poll feature, so here it is. Look to your right and tell us who you think is No. 2. While I am generally against popularity contests, I want to be clear: This is strictly a contest about popularity.

Back to Jones-Drew as a radio personality.

“My SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio show has been such a successful way for me to interact with the fans that I felt doing another show on Sirius NFL Radio is the best avenue for me to discuss a range of current NFL issues,” said Jones-Drew in a news release. “On the show we’ll discuss the work stoppage and its effect on the games, talk to players to find out how they are spending their time away from the game, and give fans a place to talk about the NFL draft and what their teams need to do to prepare for the next season.”

The Jaguars running back brings an interesting perspective to the station. (Admission: I don’t have satellite radio.) On the roster of hosts touted in the news release about the show, he’s the lone active player. (Insert jokes about just what qualifies as “active” during the lockout.)

He got caught up in a bit of a Twitter scandal for comments about Jay Cutler after the Chicago quarterback’s early exit from the NFC Championship Game and the subsequent flap over players critiquing Cutler.

I hope Jones-Drew will continue to be candid on the new show and not let the Cutler case make him guarded. I want his opinion on all sorts of matters, popular or not.