New Texan: 'You're going to love me coach'

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Texans special teams coordinator Joe Marciano spoke to the Houston media Friday and the team was kind enough to pass along a transcript.

It included this exchange about newly added running back Andre Hall, which I found entertaining.

"Well, he came in and, he told me. I introduced myself to him, I said, 'I'm the special teams coach,' and right away he said, 'Oh, you're going to love me. I love covering kickoffs. You're going to love me, coach. You're going to love me.'

"I see the first drill he did, he went around, all the way around, he went the wrong way. We explained the drill. He took the path of least resistance, you know. He took the path of least resistance."

And did that path take too long?

"Yeah, you don't take the easy way, you take the road less traveled and lead a trail, I told him."
No report on what Hall did on his second rep, but if Marciano is, in fact, going to love him, the second try had to be better.