RTC: 'Luv Ya Blue' raises big money

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Peter King says the Texans are in love with Patrick Peterson and has details of Jeff Fisher’s upcoming climb.

An autographed “Luv Ya Blue” Oilers helmet sold for $2 million at a charity auction.

The second round of mediation is mostly for show, says Mike Freeman.

Houston Texans

The directions the Texans can go at No. 11, from John McClain.

Taking a quarterback high is risky business, says McClain.

Greg Cosell assesses Aldon Smith, via Alan Burge.

Indianapolis Colts

The NFL is prepared to move the date of Indianapolis’ Super Bowl if needed.

Bill Polian’s being honored by Marian University.

Some possibilities at center in the draft, from Brett Mock.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Even with more blackouts it would be too early to worry about the Jaguars leaving, says Vito Stellino.

Are prospects rising or falling or are reporters just catching up to values? John Oehser discusses.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans' draft approach can’t help but change because of the lockout, says John Glennon.

Pondering Ryan Mallett with Jim Wyatt.

David Boclair wonders about how Mike Munchak will deal with Kenny Britt.