A Sunday mail delivery

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
TexansFight in Houston writes: Reports out of Texans camp are saying Andre Davis is catching every ball that is thrown his way and Jacoby Jones has finally become a professional and is showing serious deep threat skills. Could we be seeing the beginnings of the deepest WR Corp in the NFL this season?

Paul Kuharsky: That's great news if true. I'll be in Houston this week and be able to offer more after I see them for myself. Andre Johnson is in the conversation about the league's best, of course. And Kevin Walter and David Anderson are certainly under the radar for a lot of people. They have a chance to be a very good group.

Anthony in Georgia writes: Everyone seems to be talking about second chances and how Mike Vick deserved one but what about Matt Jones? Jones seems to be blacklisted by the NFL because I haven't even heard about him being invited for a tryout. He was on pace to be one of the top WRs in the NFL last season and now he cannot even get a tryout. Why is that?

Paul Kuharsky: On track to be one of the league's top receivers? He missed four games, three for suspension. If 814 yards, 53 receptions and 10 TD catches off the pace of the leader in each of those categories makes a guy one of the top receivers, then yes, I guess he was on track.

Guys get judged on a case-by-case basis not on some universal second-chance thinking.

I think Jones can be a pretty good possession guy who can help you convert a third-and-7 with an 8-yard catch. I still expect he'll surface somewhere eventually. Teams will suffer injuries or decide they are missing a piece.

David Franklin, IN writes: I am a Titans fan, and I am curious as to the pickup of Boiman recently for linebacker depth as opposed to Derrick Brooks who is still out there. His leadership and playmaking ability are certainly pluses for a guy who would add great depth. Are they afraid it would create a controversy with the starters bringing someone with the quality of Brooks?

Paul Kuharsky: They weren't looking for a front-liner, they were looking for a camp fill-in.

Rocky Boiman would have to be great to stick, and if he did he'd be a backup and special teamer.

But they are happy with what they had before him, they just aren't healthy.

Derrick Brooks is surely looking for a lot more of a role than what Boiman can possibly earn and what's available in Tennessee.

Marla from New York City writes: Paul, the reports about Peyton throwing an unusually high number of INTs in practice have me worrying about my team before we've even taken a snap! Do you think Peyton will have returned to being, well, Peyton-esque by opening day? And, BTW, thanks for all the great work!

Paul Kuharsky: No reason to worry at all. He looked like himself for the most part. Some mistakes, some plays where he's surely trying stuff to see how stuff works. Those three sacks Friday night were a bigger concern to me, but I certainly expect that to be cleaned up in short order.