Verdict on Colts' injuries: 'Non-preventable'

When a team suffers what seems to be an unusually high share of injuries, the season evaluation always includes a study: Why were there so many? Is there any commonality? Is there something we did or didn’t do that put guys in position to get hurt?

Colts vice chairman Bill Polian asked all those questions after a season where his team finished with 18 players on injured reserve and saw 14 players who were in the opening day lineup miss 84 games.

Did Polian come to any helpful conclusions?

“No,” he said. “The vast majority were trauma injuries. Non-preventable. Just bad luck, yeah.”

Luck’s not something anyone wants to pin hopes on. But after a run of bad luck most people feel due for a change of luck.

“I have no empirical data to show that," Polian said with a laugh, "but I believe it.”

We were on the phone so I don’t know if he also had his fingers crossed.