What's inside the AFC South mailbag?

Ty in Jacksonville writes: Yo PK, in your Jaguars’ schedule analysis you didn't mention the three games in 10 days in December. December 5-15. Has that ever been done before? That’s hairy.

Paul Kuharsky: It’s not the first time a team has had a Monday night and Thursday night game in a three-week span. Heck, off the top of my head I know the Tennessee Oilers had that in November and December of 1997.

But yes, it’s certainly a tough stretch.

Chris Kirk in Indianapolis writes: Re: Booger McFarland not working out well. Not to bust your chops over one line in a post, but I felt compelled to defend Booger. He held up in the middle for us all the way to the super bowl after that bum Cory Simon blew it. All he cost was a second round pick and there’s NO WAY we'd have won the Super Bowl without him. I'd give up my second round pick for a one year rental that yields a Super Bowl title every single year. Plus, the reason he had to retire was a genuine injury (as opposed to Simon concealing an illness when he signed). I'd say most Colts fans view Booger as a solid contributor in our championship year, even if he blew his knee shortly thereafter.

Paul Kuharsky: I don’t disagree with anything you said. Just think they were expecting a longer solution.

Carl Tomlinson in Nashville, Tenn., writes: This may not be true Mr. Kuharsky, but how come I never hear any positive remarks in your article about Vince [Young]. I know he had a lot of issues, but I don't recall you writing about coach Fisher that way. I believe he had just as many issues if not more than Young. I don't believe Chris Johnson's thoughts are to be made light of. He performed his best when Young was at quarterback, and it's not his responsibility to incorporate Moss in the Titan's offense.

Paul Kuharsky: I ripped both Young (here, for example) and Fisher (here) on their way out. But one was professional during his time as a Titan and one was not, and I certainly prefer the former to the latter.

It’s entertaining, but I really don’t care a lick what Chris Johnson thinks about personnel. He said himself he knew it didn’t carry any weight. Johnson could have been a better runner and a better locker room guy in 2010. He has plenty to worry about on his own plate.

And the Titans would look like absolute fools to backtrack and bring VY back now. The ship has sailed.

In fact, since I wrote you back, they reiterated they are done with him.

(Why did they need to reiterate? “Attention fans. We said multiple times we are done with Vince Young. News flash, we are still done with Vince Young. Also, we have relocated from Houston to Nashville and renamed ourselves the Tennessee Titans. Stay tuned for further reiterations.”)

In honor of that, I officially swear off of talking about Young until he resurfaces in the news.

Brian in Orange County, Calif., writes: Any chance ESPN stops showing live shots of players smiling on the phone before the pick is actually made during the NFL Draft. It literally destroys the suspense. The only time I've seen it not be the guy smiling on the phone was Beanie Wells crying on the phone during the Titans’ pick. I thought we took a RB for the second time in a row in the first round and almost died! Luckily it was Kenny Britt. Who can we contact in hopes of them at least holding that footage till the players are announced?

Paul Kuharsky: I have to say I am thinking this qualifies more as a personal pet peeve than an issue upsetting the bulk of viewers. Either way, I appreciate that you think me connected enough to even know who is making those decisions. But I am not.

Mike from Maryland writes: First off, I would like to say that I really enjoy your blog, I check it just about every day. Keep up the good work! Secondly, if there is a free-agent signing period, do you think it would be wise for the Titans to try and get an older wide receiver to mentor Kenny Britt? I think if Britt had a mentor of some type it could help him hone his skills and maybe help Britt stay out of trouble off the field. I'm not sure who is supposed to be potentially available when the dust settles, but do you think it’s a good idea?

Paul Kuharsky: Just about every day? What can I do to get you up to a few times a day?

I don’t think you sign players to help you with other players. You’ve got limited spots, everyone needs to have his place on his own merits. There are people around to do what you are talking about -- his coaches.

They had an older receiver in a mentoring role for half of last season. Do we think Randy Moss helped Britt’s mindset?

Someone with no name from an undisclosed location writes: Oh shock, you don't like Cam Newton, you have hated Young forever. You are transparent my friend. People can see right through. Why don't the Titans take a good QB like "Blaine Gabbert." I would write you a longer email and try to appeal to your intellectual side but intellect is a department that you are sorely lacking in. Paul, I don't how you maintain your job at ESPN. But it speaks volumes about them as a company to keep someone like you employed. And the sad thing is, I know you don't even realize that you're biases are based in a deep seated animus, so it would be useless for me to explain anything to you.

Paul Kuharsky: Call me crazy, but I like my quarterbacks to be able to call plays. Young was still making mistakes in the huddle in his fifth season repeating a play call that was spoken into his ear. And surely Newton will admit that an NFL team isn’t going to be able to create a system for him where he can look to the sideline and tell his huddle “36.” That’s one of the primary things they have in common that makes them both unappealing to me. Sorry if you don’t like the rationale, or if you are inclined to see one that is not there.

I don’t care much for Ryan Mallett either at this point. How does he fit into your complaint about my feelings?