Colts blind spot: Third round

Every team in the league has some sort of blind spot when it schemes to the draft: A position it can’t resist or won’t touch, a spot where there is always need, a round that’s an extra high hurdle.

Today we’ll strive to examine one biggie for each team.

Indianapolis Colts -- The third round

Thirty-five draft picks were on the Colts roster (including IR) at the end of the season. Here’s the round-by-round composition: Eight first-rounders, five second rounders, three third-rounders, five fourth-rounders, two fifth rounders, six sixth-rounders and six seventh-rounders.

The third round has been a bugaboo, and while 2009 corner Jerraud Powers is definitely a quality player, the other two third-rounders on the roster are question marks. Philip Wheeler, a linebacker from 2009, has been unable to hold on to a starting spot and 2010 cornerback Kevin Thomas was injured and lost for the year during the offseason before his rookie year.

Notable misses: Corner Dante Hughes (2007), defensive tackles Quinn Pitcock (2007) and Vincent Burns (2005), defensive backs Donald Strickland (2003), Joseph Jeffries (2002) and Cory Bird (2001) and receiver E.G. Green (1998)

The lesson: Stay away from defensive backs in the round, and don’t be afraid to trade the pick.

UPDATE: Apologies for initially including guard Brandon Burlsworth from 1999 on the notable misses. He died in a car accident before his rookie season.