What happens next? We don't know yet

What does it mean? We don’t know yet.

It’s all about the stay. Judge Susan Nelson Richard did not grant it, so the lockout is technically lifted.

But the league will turn to the Eighth Circuit Appellate Court, asking that the ruling be stayed until the appeal is heard.

If the league gets it, things will remain frozen.

If the league doesn’t get it, then we don’t know what happens or how quickly.

The league could impose the most recent rules -- the final year of the CBA called for no salary cap but six years of service before free agency. Indications before the lockout were that the league would take that approach.

But it sounds the way to ensure no violation of anti-trust laws is no rules, and no rules could create a Wild West where virtually anything goes.

It would seem we're on hold until we see what the court says about the stay.

But as Andrew Brandt says in the attached video, things could get weird quickly. Players with workout bonuses could show up to start to try to earn them tomorrow.