Who should the Texans draft at No. 11?

You’ve heard my draft thoughts and seen my mock draft pick for the Texans.

It’s time for me to hear yours.

Three players who would be very nice fits for the Texans as they rebuild will be gone by the time they are on the clock, I think.

That’s why Texans A&M’s Von Miller, LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson and North Carolina end/backer Robert Quinn are not in this poll. If you think Houston’s hellbent on getting one of them, there is a trade-up scenario for you.

I’ve also given you four players I think they will consider at No. 11 who I suspect will be available at No. 11.

Safety is a huge position of need, but no safeties are rated as first-round caliber. Texas cornerback Aaron Williams could convert, but this seems too early for him as well.

I'd ask you to please vote for what you think they’ll do as opposed to what you think they should do, but who are we kidding in terms of my influence on you?