Jaguars' Osgood ranting about Goodell

Jaguars special teams ace Kassim Osgood apparently doesn’t get that Roger Goodell works for the owners. Or how to spell his name.

But beyond that the Twitter rant he’s on right now is first rate.

In case you’re not (horror of horror) on Twitter or aren’t following Osgood (@kassimosgood81), here’s a replay of the 10 tweets so far, edited only to remove expletives.

  • Roger Goddell is the reason why TRUST is a huge issue in the NFL today. He's on the side of the owners and doesn't care about The players

  • I wish Tagliabue never left. Since Goddell has been here, we've heard more about him than the players

  • Goddell loves to be the center of attention and when asked by players in person to explain the whole lockout issue he ducked all questions

  • I play for the teammates and the fans! Not the organization or the coaches, or the league itself. Fans make out league what it is

  • NFL network is worthless without the fans. ESPN...garbage if fans don't care! Us arguing over money is pointless if the fans stop caring

  • Greedy ass owners want more money! Mad cuz rookie salaries are out of control! No one told you to pay a BUST All that money

  • And now they try to make the players look like the bad guys! We were fine the way [expletive] was! And now ALL OF A SUDDEN [expletive] ain't working???

  • Greed is the downfall of every empire! Way to kill a good thing!!! I'm over this [expletive]! Let's get back to the heart of the game!#ballout

  • If I'm lying, I'm flying! And if you're a player in the league or a lifelong fan and you don't agree with me, then you're misinformed

  • We didnt ask for this crap! No player complained about any revenue sharing. We were happy. Now they pin it on us! Get outta here Goddell!