How Titans or Jags could get into late first

If the Tennessee Titans or the Jacksonville Jaguars want to move from their second-round pick into the back of the first round, they could look to trade for No. 28 from New England, No. 29 from Chicago or No. 32 from Green Bay.

I think Jake Locker is gone by then. If your guy is TCU’s Andy Dalton, Florida State’s Christian Ponder or Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick and he’s on the board there, a trade to New England’s spot wouldn’t cost a ransom -- at least not for Tennessee.

Move up to get your guy late on Day 1 and you can sleep soundly rather than spend the night and all day Friday worrying about competing to trade up to the top of the second round.

Using this trade value chart, here’s one route the Titans could take to New England’s pick at No. 28:

  • Titans get No. 28 and No. 125 (fourth round)

  • Patriots get No. 39 (second) and No. 77 (third)

And the Jaguars might be able to get to 28 with this offer:

  • Jaguars get No. 28

  • Patriots get No. 49 (second), No. 80 (third) and No. 114 (fourth)

The point differential for the 10-spot difference in the second round between the Titans’ pick and the Jaguars’ pick is quite a lot to make up. Tennessee's No. 39 is worth 510 points; Jacksonville's 49 is worth 410.

For me, the cost to Jacksonville seems prohibitive. The Jaguars are already without a seventh-rounder. A deal like this would mean a five-pick draft and take them out of the action after No. 16 and No. 28 until No. 121 in the fourth round. [That's corrected from what I initially wrote. Apologies.]

But for the Titans? If swapping their third for New England's fourth moves them from 39th to 28th, that's a deal I'd seriously consider to get in position for a quarterback.