Aggressive Jaguars go get Gabbert

The clock is officially ticking on David Garrard.

While the Jacksonville Jaguars have plenty of needs on defense and at wide receiver, they sent their second-round pick, 49th overall, to Washington to move from No. 16 to No. 10 to secure Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert.

A quarterback who worked out of the spread in college was rated by many as the signal-caller with the most upside in the draft.

He may need time, but Garrard can give him time.

I like the aggressiveness. To contend for a title, the franchise needed its first drafted quarterback since Byron Leftwich in 2003. Gabbert has the potential to be more consistent.

But he needs the team around him to be built up. The Jaguars need to fill holes or find upgrades at safety, linebacker, corner rush end, receiver and center or guard between their five remaining picks and in free agency, which could be starting soon.

I hope to bring you more on Gabbert later.