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Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
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Josh in NY writes: This is a continuation of our debate from the chat! Knighton/Ellison/Landri are all definitely serviceable next to Big John, and Rob Meier has proven to be a guy who can come off the bench and put pressure on the QB over the course of his career. Brian Williams is certainly serviceable at corner, he was the same corner we had in 2007, and we now have Cox in the mix for added depth. Nelson is a legitimate concern at safety, as he seems to not have the mental makeup for the position. Holt alone makes this team's receivers better than the combo of Matt Jones and Reggie Williams, you aren't honestly calling those two a legitimate tandem, are you?

Paul Kuharsky: I agree with your assessment here for the most part.

My point is, Terrance Knighton, Derek Cox, Mike Walker, the young receivers, Atiyyah Ellison -- they are all unproven. For the Jags to make a big jump, they need all those guys to produce. What are the odds a half dozen unproven players all produce consistently for the first time at the same time?

Torry Holt should be a great addition, but beyond him what have any of the wideouts done?

Wouldn't you agree that personnel-wise, they rank fourth in the division?

Franklin in Houston writes: I can't understand how you classify Nick Harper as underrated. I view him as a declining CB that is able to stay on the field using smarts as opposed to physical tools. I think he's aptly rated. What frustrates many Titans' fans is games like last year's playoff loss where he got blazed by Derrick Mason. Roughly same size and age, but Mason blew by him for huge gains leading to a TD and setting up the FG. He is arguably my biggest concern on defense. Your thoughts?

Paul Kuharsky: I think corners are going to get balls completed on them, especially when they play opposite Cortland Finnegan, and somehow the expectations for Harper have gotten crazy. People think it's a disaster when a 15-yard pass goes to his side. I think he does pretty much exactly what they ask, and is also a real factor against the run. He's the best second corner the Titans have had since Denard Walker and because Titans fans are looking for a weak spot or have to punch a hole in someone, he seems to me to be over-targeted for criticism.

Kevin Fitzpatrick in Pittsburgh writes: I just read the chat and you say don't jump to conclusions or make assumptions cause teams haven't even played a regular season game, Yet you say the jaguar LB's have regressed. If you base that off the practices you've seen then why is that any different then when someone asks you if the 4th rounder from Indy is better then Britt?

Paul Kuharsky: To clarify, I think they regressed last year. I didn't see the linebackers making a lot of plays, and in conversations with Clint Ingram and Justin Durant they pretty much agreed about their performances in 2008.

Making judgments on draft picks two games into the preseason -- beyond Player A looks good and Player B is lost -- is ridiculous. Though two or three preseason games we're going to declare Austin Collie better than Kenny Britt? They weren't drafted for the same jobs, for starters, so it's not exactly apples to apples.

Rob Bradley writes via Facebook: If you can afford it and love the Jags and the NFL, buy tickets. If you can't afford it or don't care, don't buy tickets. Don't worry about what the media says, and don't worry about making silly excuses for the city.

Paul Kuharsky: I agree.

Aaron Hurley from parts unknown writes: What is going on with the Patrick Ramsey-Vince Young competition? Ramsey has played very little in preseason games - and hasn't done anything notable in the time that he has had - and I haven't read any suggestions that he is standing out in practice. Will Ramsey get to start a preseason game, or at least get time with the first stringers? And will the Titans carry 3 QBs this year? Thanks.

Paul Kuharsky: Young's second game helped his cause, his third game, not so much. Ramsey won't start a game, but he will play some with the twos. I suspect they keep three, calling VY the backup but probably having more faith in Ramsey if Kerry Collins goes down. There is a long time to go still to sort things out, however.