RTC: Colts' draft dynamic changes

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Houston Texans

The Texans now wait on the labor situation to finish reshaping their team, says John McClain.

Richard Justice sees the cup as half full.

Indianapolis Colts

Bill Polian said the Colts' drafting dynamic has changed, with his son Chris taking on a bigger role, says Mike Chappell.

There is no need to rush to replace Peyton Manning, says Bob Kravitz.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Blaine Gabbert is about the Jaguars’ long-term future, which makes things complicated for Jack Del Rio who needs to win now, says Vito Stellino.

Gene Frenette’s grades.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans plan to continue to add with free agents, says John Glennon.

Mike Munchak and Jake Locker will rise or fall together, says David Climer.