Viewing guide for Titans-Browns

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Saturday night in Cleveland the Titans' front-liners will get their biggest load of preseason work. Here are three things I will be looking for:

Some effective running: If the Titans don't run the ball well, I'm not going to sound the alarm. But I'd like to think there will be a little bit of scheming for this game that will allow Chris Johnson to show a glimpse of what he looked like last year. I don't love the idea of him gong through four games (they play five this preseason) with virtually no effective live work before the opener in Pittsburgh.

The return game: Mark Jones was signed to be the answer when Chris Carr left, but hasn't played yet. He could do a lot to secure the job with a solid night. And if he can do something in chances at receiver too, that would be big. I don't believe the Titans are big on the idea of a return specialist who can't contribute elsewhere if needed.

The backup corners: With rookie Ryan Mouton out with a high ankle sprain, the cornerback depth is an even bigger question. Can Demarcus Faggins, Cary Williams or Jason McCourty do much here to help alleviate those concerns? If not, corner should be the primary position the Titans comb over when final cuts go down around the league Sept. 5.