Roger Goodell remains accessible

Roger Goodell’s gotten blasted by players recently and his popularity rating with plenty of fans is way down.

But the NFL commissioner deserves credit for his accessibility.

He learned about the complaints from Nate Dunlevy, whose work at 18to88 is frequently linked here, from this post last week, and called Dunlevy today.

Our news story on it is here.

The two had what sounds like a thorough discussion regarding points the conference call didn’t touch.

It’s an easy conversation to avoid, but it’s a smart one to take on and while it creates beneficial PR, I feel sure it’s not strictly about PR.

Goodell was far more popular back when he spent a big chunk of a game with a Regular Jill in the stands at a Titans game.

Good times or bad, the fact that he’s willing to connect with fans rather than sit in an Ivory Tower is a good thing.