Scouting reports: Old Texans on new Titans

I’ll allow context clues to tell you what Thursday’s column will be about.

But as I’ve reported it, I was able to take a side venture and get scouting reports on two Tennessee Titans draft picks.

Here’s Houston nose tackle Earl Mitchell, who played at Arizona while quarterback Jake Locker was at Washington, on the Titans new quarterback:

“Jake Locker is a really good runner and I know he can do good things for the Titans. I know what he’s capable of on his feet and I know that he can throw the ball pretty well. He could impact a game in either way.

“I wasn’t able to play him my senior year because of a freak injury and my junior year he wasn’t able to play against us because of some injury that he had. So I only played against him my sophomore year and that’s when I was on offense [playing as a fullback].

“A lot of people buy into what the media says about people, trying to give him a lot of the same kind of criticism they gave Tim Tebow. I think he’s pretty much shown what he can do and I think he’s capable of a lot of the same things that Tebow can do. Those players are real similar to me. As far as mechanics go, I think Jake Locker is going to be fine. He has a learning curve. I know he’s a good player and he has the ability to be a great player.”

Clearly Mitchell was struck by Locker’s abilities on the move. I’d not heard the Tebow comparison before. I sure expect Locker, even with accuracy issues, to come into the league as a better throwing quarterback that Tebow did.

I also talked to Texans nose tackle Shaun Cody, who played at USC, about a guy he followed closely who just finished playing for the Trojans, new Titans defensive tackle Jurrell Casey.

Here is Cody on Casey:

“I like him. I don’t know if you remember Mike Patterson in Philadelphia. But he’s got the same kind of body-type and the same kind of up-the-field presence as Mike. He plays real hard. He had a chance to be coached by Ed Orgeron last year. I’m sure coach O taught him a lot of technique.

“I think he’ll be a ball of fire up there in Tennessee.”