Jaguars ask city for seats back

The Jaguars' lease gives the city of Jacksonville a suite at EverBank Field.

The climate of the time means the city hasn’t been buying the seats in the suite.

So, sensibly, the process is under way that will give the team back the unused suite.

Per Mike Lyons’ report:

"City councilman Warren Jones is sponsoring an ordinance to amend the lease and give back the rights to a 48-seat suite and tickets to games. Tight budgets have led the city to stop purchasing the tickets that went to the mayor and city council offices.

"'If we are not going to use the suite, not going to use the tickets, by right they should have it back so they can generate added revenue,' said Jones. 'It's the right thing to do, the fair thing to do.'"

Thirty-five other free tickets the city gets will also be given back.

Adding them to the inventory is a good thing. Getting them sold will be a different story. The suite sales don’t factor into the blackout equation. But the team’s most recent report says it's 19,030 short of the number needed to avoid blackouts.