Asomugha and Houston all about money

Routinely, when asked about the Houston Texans making the playoffs, I say I will pick it to happen the year after it finally happens.

There is one thing that might change my stance there.

If Texans owner Bob McNair opened his vault and landed cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha when free agency arrives, I think it would be a transformative move for the franchise.

The top free agent can often fall through. But Asomugha is more of a sure thing than most. He’d bump every cornerback the team has down a peg, he’d make bad or average safeties better, he’d hold up if the pass rush continues to take too long to force the quarterback to throw and he'd make many teams simply avoid the guy he covers.

I don’t think Houston will be bold enough to make it happen, and I suspect some other team will jump out and overwhelm the free-agent prize.

I do not, however, enter as a factor the idea that Asomugha wouldn’t go to Houston because he wants to join a winner. I believe he’ll do like most guys and go where the money is, and I believe he’d believe Houston can be a serious contender with his services.

John Clayton makes the Houston argument in the Hot Button debate on Asomugha’s ultimate landing spot and it’s a good one.

It’s all about McNair’s willingness to spend.